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إيثار: About Eythar
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Eythar Platform

Eythar is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, It is a part of “the Hague Academy of Science and Studies “, which is Licensed in the city of the Hague in the Netherlands. It (the academy or Eythar?) includes a selection of academics, experts, researchers, and educators.

Eythar seeks to spread science, knowledge and culture, and consolidate the esteemed values of​​ Humanity. It also seeks to resist ignorance and illiteracy, especially in poor areas which suffer from disasters and wars. Eythar strives to assume ethical and humanitarian responsibility to save millions of illiteracy and its consequences. It also aims to develop intellectual and constructive capacities in all stages of education, and consolidate the values ​​of respect for the environment, high human values, and to harmonize with the requirements of the times.

Our vision

Developing and disseminating education across all age groups as a fundamental human right that all legislation, laws and international norms guarantee.

Employing the latest findings of science in the educational processes and the use of all means and technological tools available in the delivery of visual and audible education, especially for speakers of Arabic, and cultivation of exceptional talent as well as taking care of those of special needs, while endorsing the highest professional standards.

Effective contribution to the formation of a cultivated modern society equipped with the best of human values, with the purpose of contributing to the development of human civilization toward its ideal path.

Our values

  • Altruism and Cooperation

  • Honesty and transparency

  • (Professional and freedom)

  • authenticity and contemporaneity

  • Knowledge and Justice

  • Man and environment

Eythar platform

The platform provides schools, teachers, and students, with the possibility of taking advantage of the educational content in holds as well as the experiences it provides regardless of the social status, physical, material or health limitations. Indeed possibilities are available for all students and pupils, especially Syrians, regardless of their place of presence.

In addition, the platform takes into account the particularity of the educational situation in times of crisis and the serious challenges facing the educational progress of students, as well as the difficulties facing Syrian teachers. Therefore, the platform takes advantage of the characteristics of remote learning platforms and applies it to the various Syrian curricula and the diverse schools. Consequently we have prioritized flexibility in everything. We depend on the creativity of the teachers, mentors and manager for the schools that will use Eythar’s educational platform.

In addition, we seek to enrich and build curricula, and develop them in accordance with the highest scientific standards in the world, by taking advantage of the large academic experiences available to participants in this platform.